november, 2018

mon12nov8:00 PM神田綾子 Ayako Kanda (voice)
Oskar Bonstroke (percussion)
大上流一 Riuichi Daijo (guitar)

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Ayako Kanda
Ayako Kanda is an improvising performer whose medium is her voice. Low as an echo in a tunnel, then light as a child’s conversation; chasing the band one moment, and ringing out wild and alone the next: Ayako’s vocal performances encompass a kaleidoscopic range of expression.

She made her debut as a performer during her time at art school, where she also began painting. Today she performs improvised live sets around Tokyo and worldwide. In 2016, she formed a band of local musicians in New York City to record her first album, “Antigravity Vacation.”

神田綾子 (Ayako Kanda) Voice
昨年、NYの現地ミュージシャンと共に結成した自身の即興ユニットで録音、アルバム”Antigravity vacation”をリリース。

Ayako Kanda

OSKAR BONSTROKE is a German Musician, Performer with an extreme wide and
free personal interpretation of Percussion. He studied drums and violine
while he has been a member of Opera and Symphony Orchestra as well drummer
in just all kinds of music stils. Later year he had his tour with his own
Gardener – Tuning Fork Music Templum Experience.



Riuichi Daijo
Guitarist. Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1978.
started playing the guitar and soon came to concentrate on improvisation.
Since 2004 he had continued regular solo concerts until 2013 Sep, as an approach to delve into the workability of solo playing.
also he try to meet other musicians.

1978年生 guitarist。潮流や新奇性にとらわれない極めてプリミティブな即興演奏による音楽的アプローチを実践している。 2004年ソロシリーズ「Dead Pan Smiles」をplanBで開始し、 独自の作業性を包摂しつつ2013年までに109回に及ぶ定点ソロコンサートを行う。 2015年ソロシリーズ音源からの抜粋「Dead Pan Smiles」5CDboxをファーストリリース。 また平行して多様なミュージシャンとの共演も重ねているが、 2013年からは初共演者との積極的な交わりの場として「Shield Reflection」を水道橋Ftarriにて定期的に開催している。

大上 流一


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