october, 2022

sun16oct7:00 PMduo
森重靖宗 Yasumune Morishige (voice)
パド・コンカ Paed Conca (clarinet)

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Paed Conca is a clarinet and electric bass player. He is also a
composer and improviser. Conca has been active in the contemporary and
improvised music scenes for 30 years and has collaborated with many
different musicians, actors, dancers, painters, and poets. He performed
in various kinds of spaces besides traditional concert venues and
theaters such as coal mines, shells, factory buildings, forests, and
public baths.

He composed music for theater, dance and films.
Some of his compositions for theater include “Self Accusation“ a play
by Peter Handke with actress Ruth Schwegler and “Collecting Home” with
Yara Bou Nassar.
Some of his compositions for dance include “Übermut“ performance by the
ÖFF-ÖFF theater in Bern and “One (idea) – happening live” by Jenni
Among his compositions for film is Porta Chiusa part 1 with Poet Heidki
Fedler and Painter Giovanni Di Stefano.
His current touring projects include: Praed with Raed yassin(LB)
Porta Chiusa, a clarinet trio with Hans Koch(Ch) and Michael
Gamra with Patrizia Oliva, Eugenio Sanna and Stefano Giust (IT).
He tours with his projects regularly to music festivals in Europe,
Asia, and Middle East.


 森重靖宗 / yasumune morishige (mori-shige)


yasumune morishige (mori-shige)

musician. Morishige’s musical activities center on improvisation using voice, electric bass and other instruments. He has performed with many musicians and dancers in Japan and abroad. Morishige is the bass player of Keiji Haino’s band, Fushitsusha. (Nov. 2015 ~ Jul. 2017, Dec. 2021 ~)

www.mori-shige.com 森重靖宗 / yasumune morishige