december, 2022

sun11dec8:00 PMsolo*duo
Chaase (guitar synthesizer , voice)
アキオ ジェイムス Akio James (drums)

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Chaase is a musician creating amorphous improvised music in the shape of a singer songwriter performing with strange, otherworldly sounds and singing in wordless vocalizations. An alias of the artist, Chase Gardner, that debuted in 2022, he has released a large collection of his recorded works and toured in the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan. He recently performed in the United States as well, forming the project into a large ensemble of improvisors.
Through music, Chaase expresses the abstract essence within himself that only sound without defined meaning can explain.

Akio James
シカゴ出身のドラマー、ジミーは 2018年の秋に来日しました。東京、仙台、福島で色々な種類の音楽を演奏しています。特にフリージャズに興味があり音色やエクステンデッドテクニックと生のエネルギーに焦点を当てています。彼は今まで Frank Rosaly, Tatsuya Nakatani, William Winant, そして Rodrigo Villenuevaなどから教えを受けました。
Jimmy the