may, 2019

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アルド・アフマド Aldo Ahmad (percussion)
大上流一 Riuichi Daijo (guitar)
山㟁直人 Naoto Yamagishi (percussion)

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Aldo Ahmad
Aldo Ahmad Fithra was born in Lubuk Sikaping, West Sumatra, March 14, 1993, Aldo is a percussionist, teacher and composer of the experimental music using the Nusantara (Indonesia) music method and western music.

Aldo started formal music education in 2011 in the Department of Music Pedagogy at the Language and Arts Faculty of Yogyakarta State University with Major Percussion with Fataji Susiadi, and studied musical composition with Heni Kusumawati, Bakti Setyaji and Royke B. Koapaha. Aldo is currently studying Musical Composition at the Surakarta Indonesian Institute of Arts Postgraduate and studying electronic music with Tony Maryana.

Aldo was member of the Total Perkusi Program Manager in Yogyakarta and Principal Perkusi in the Bandung Philharmonic Orchestra with Music Director Robert Nordling (USA) and Michael Hall (USA), made his own project named Sipaningkah and became a percussion coach in several Marching Bands in Indonesia. Aldo has also been a percussion player for several orchestras and played for chamber music, percussion ensembles, mixed ensembles and has collaborated with Naoto Yamagishi (Japan) Mathias Klarlund (Denmark) Ignaz Schick (Germany). In addition to being active as a percussion player Aldo also actively works in several chamber formats and percussion instruments. As well as having attended several classes and workshops with several composers including Dieter Mack (Germany) Gatot Danar Sulistiyanto (Indonesia) Kanako Abe (Japan) and Stacy Garrop (USA).



1 3才の頃からドラムを始める。ドラムを阿部拓也氏に師事。国内外、ジャンルを問わず様々なアーティスト(ミュージシャン、ダンサー、詩人、写真家、書道家、華道家、画家、メディアアーティストなど)と共演し、現在はソロやグループ、またサポートドラマーとしてヨーロッパや日本で活動中。主なグループやプロジェクトに松樹千年翠(書道家白石雪妃、華道家塚越応駿、琵琶奏者藤高理恵子とのプロジェクト)、En Route (画家上田暁子とのプロジェクト)、usva (Lauri Hyvärinen / Finland, Jone Takamäki / Finlandとのトリオ)など他にも多数。

Riuichi Daijo
Guitarist. Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1978.
started playing the guitar and soon came to concentrate on improvisation.
Since 2004 he had continued regular solo concerts until 2013 Sep, as an approach to delve into the workability of solo playing.
also he try to meet other musicians.

1978年生 guitarist。潮流や新奇性にとらわれない極めてプリミティブな即興演奏による音楽的アプローチを実践している。 2004年ソロシリーズ「Dead Pan Smiles」をplanBで開始し、 独自の作業性を包摂しつつ2013年までに109回に及ぶ定点ソロコンサートを行う。 2015年ソロシリーズ音源からの抜粋「Dead Pan Smiles」5CDboxをファーストリリース。 また平行して多様なミュージシャンとの共演も重ねているが、 2013年からは初共演者との積極的な交わりの場として「Shield Reflection」を水道橋Ftarriにて定期的に開催している。

大上 流一