november, 2018

tue27nov6:00 PM【At the meeting of Joachim Badenhorst】

Host : ヨアヒム・バデンホースト Joachim Badenhorst (clarinet,sax)

神田綾子 Ayako Kanda (voice)
加藤裕士 Hiroshi Kato (sound apparatus)
高島正志 Masashi Takashima (drums electronics)
中嶋一郎 Ichiro Nakajima (drums percussion)
鈴木ちほ Chiho Suzuki (bandneon)
北田学 Manabu Kitada (clarinet)
舩橋陽 Yow Funahashi (saxophone)
増渕顕史 Takashi Masubuchi (guitar)

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ホスト : ヨアヒム・バデンホースト Joachim Badenhorst マルチリード奏者


ヨアヒム・バデンホースト Joachim Badenhorst マルチリード奏者(クラリネット、バス・クラリネット、テナーサックス等)
各地でのジャズや実験的な音楽、アーティストとの関わりの中でTony Malaby、Noel Akchote、Frantz Loriot、John Butcher と Paul Lytton のプロジェクトやHan Bennink トリオにも参加するなど、多彩な活動を展開している。
絶え間なく身体の内側からほとばしるような音のエレメント、その表現の幅はソロインプロヴィゼーションから彼が率いる大編成の即興集団Carate Urio Orchestraにまで至る。

Joachim Badenhorst (°1981 Antwerp) has been active in the experimental and improvised music scene in Europe and abroad for the past 15 years. Following his master degree in jazz studies at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague, he has since divided his time between Belgium and cities in the US and Europe, collaborating and recording with jazz and experimental music ensembles and artists, such as Han Bennink, Tony Malaby and Noël Akchoté while incessantly exploring the visceral elements of sound. His output ranges from solo improvisation to leading large formations, such as his own Carate Urio Orchestra.

Badenhorst is artistically interested in integrating ideas from various different art medias into his musical compositions. He also takes deep interest in revealing the inherent relation between contemporary and traditional musics, having collaborated with traditional musicians from Turkey and Japan, and toured in China with reinterpreted traditional Chinese music.

In recent years, Badenhorst is contemplating the evanescent site specificity of sound as well as the relation between space and sound. In recent years, his work has taken a deeper focus on composition, namely that of computer­based composition and processing. Through continual research and experiment, he delves into a re­imagination of the boundaries between improvisation and composition, of abstract sound explorations and harmonic passage, and continues to attempt at a personal aesthetic language that interact with spaces and engage with different audiences.

Badenhorst appears on over 50 cd’s on over 10 record labels. In 2012, he launched his own label KLEIN, as a creative platform to initiate collaborations, experiment and play with unconventional design, and as an outlet for fringe musical projects.

Since 2010 Badenhorst has been developing his solo​programme consisting of improvisations and compositions for solo acoustic and electro­acoustic wind instruments. Badenhorst released three solo albums: The Jungle He Told Me (Smeraldina­Rima 2012) , Forest//Mori (Klein 2014) and Kitakata (Santé­Loisirs 2016).
Solo performance highlights include Météo Festival (France 2016), Mengi (Iceland 2015), Brussels Jazz Festival (Belgium 2015), Taktlos Festival (Switzerland 2015), Molde Festival (Norway 2014), Stanser Musiktage (Switzerland 2014), Orléans Festival (France 2014).

Badenhorst is a composer and performer of the ensembles:

​Carate Urio Orchestra​. This ensemble released the albums Sparrow Mountain (KLEIN,2013), Lover (KLEIN 2016), Ljubljana (Cleanfeed 2016).
Carate Urio performance highlights include Jazz Middelheim (2014), Brand! Festival (2015), Bimhuis Amsterdam (2015), Ljubljana Jazz Festival (2015), Gent Jazz Festival (2016) and tour of the east coast of the USA in June 2016.

The Icelandic quintet​Mógil​ released the albums Ro (Radical Duke 2008), I​ stilluni hljomar (Mogilmusic 2011), ​Korriro (Mogilmusic 2015). Mogil performance highlights include the Reykjavik Jazzfestival (2015), Dranouter aan zee (2012), Iceland Airwaves (2008 and 2012) Womex Festival (2009).

The acoustic duo Rawfishboys with French bassist Brice Soniano released the albums War (self­released 2005), ‘Piano works/worksnt’ (Spocus 2010) and an upcoming album for De Werf in 2017.

The acoustic trio​Baloni​(with Frantz Loriot and Pascal Niggenkemper) released the albums​ Fremdenzimmer (Cleanfeed 2011), ​Belleke (Cleanfeed 2014), Ripples (Cleanfeed 2015).
Baloni’s performance highlights include Meteo Festival (2013), Banlieues Bleues Festival (2013), Jazz Nevers Festival (2013), JIGG Lissabon (2014).


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